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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A welcome . . .

Welcome to the blog of one Arkansas lawyer with a fascination . . . some would say an obsession . . . for all things legal. Whether created by the legislature, the judiciary, the executive, whether it be state, federal, or international, I am interested, and this is my corner of the blogosphere in which I will share information of interest to me, occasionally (okay, often) provide my own opinions and insights into recent legal developments, and discuss issues relevant to the legal community, the blawgosphere in general, and you.

I am also opening this blog up to questions and your commentary. If you have questions on the information I post here, or if you have legal questions you would like answered in a general sense (i.e., in the sense that I am not your lawyer, or if you just want to throw in your two dollars' worth (yes, I adjust for inflation), please feel free to chime in.

Again, welcome!